Wednesday, June 06, 2007

BBSM Database fix

I ran into an issue recently when working with a Cisco BBSM server. Apparently, the BBSM doesn't like large subnets. Making changes on the web interface would basically lock up the server. The database was stuck in an 'initializing' state. I'm not sure why but it seemed to be trying to validate each IP in the various DHCP pools one by one. There is a way to force the BBSM back in service though.

Commands to confirm the problem:
First execute the osql utility from the command line of the BBSM.

osql -d atdial -E

You will now see a numbered prompt. Enter the following command to check the Server State:
1> select * from server_configuration
2> go
You will now see a lot of output. Basically you are checking if the Server State is listed as Initializing.

Now to fix the problem:

1> update server_configuration set serverstate="running"
2> go

Confirm that its working:
1> select * from server_configuration
2> go

You will see that the Server State is now running

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