Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cisco VPN Client on Karmic Koala

This link worked for me to install the Cisco VPN client on Ubuntu 9.10 (64 bit btw).

I also have a simple script I run when I need to connect to a client.  The script lists all my profiles and I just type in the name to connect.

I have a folder I place some scripts in.
Assuming you have the client installed in the recommended directories.


cd ~mkdir Tools
cd Tools
gedit vpnconnect
#! /bin/bash
sudo /etc/init.d/vpnclient_init stop
sudo /etc/init.d/vpnclient_init start
ls /etc/opt/cisco-vpnclient/Profiles/
echo -n "Enter VPN Client: "
read -e VPN
sudo vpnclient connect $VPN
! save gedit and close
chmod +x vpnconnect

Create a shortcut to the file if desired.
On the desktop - Right click and create launcher.
Choose Run application in Terminal.
Browse the vpnconnect file you just created.

Should be good to go.

If you run updates on Ubuntu, you'll notice a message about a kernel header not loading.  You will need to reinstall the client, no big deal.

I suggest copying the install directory to the cisco-vpnclient directory so you have the files ready to go in case you accidentally delete the install folder.

mkdir /etc/opt/cisco-vpnclient/install
cp -r vpnclient /etc/opt/cisco-vpnclient/install/
cd  /etc/opt/cisco-vpnclient/install/vpnclient/
sudo ./vpn_install


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