Sunday, May 15, 2011

Access Network Load Balancing (NLB) server and WLC

I ran in to a problem where users on the wired LAN could access a Microsoft cluster IP but not through the Cisco Wireless LAN.  You could even ping the virtual NLB IP from the WLC itself.  I found that the you need to enable a bogus multicast address on the Wireless LAN Controller under general settings and enabling multicast on the global settings.

Controller - Multicast - Enable Multicast Mode


Controller - General - AP Multicast Mode to Multicast and define an IP.

This should be enough if wireless users and the servers are on the same VLAN.  Of course, if the servers are on a different VLAN, you need to enable multicast on your switches or routers.

Multicast with Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs) and Lightweight Access Points (LAPs) Configuration Example


hjs said...

thanks! Had this exact scenario and your blog nailed it. Cheers.

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